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    September 24, 2021

    Transforming Turnstiles: From Mechanical Barriers to Intelligent Decision-makers with Alcatraz AI and Boon Edam

    Fun fact, turnstiles are the most popular form of entrance control in a lobby. Today, they can perform multiple tasks such as monitor population flow, ensure proper authorization of those who enter and exit the facility, identify harmful materials, give directions, and more. Since their introduction in 1928, technology has been playing a crucial part in advancing the turnstile from its original, fully mechanical structure to the multi-functional security platform that it is today.

    Turnstiles in an office environment.

    Turnstiles have become much more than just a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized entry – they are now more intelligent and work as an integrated component of the overall entrance security infrastructure. Still, as technology continues to evolve, so does the ability of turnstiles to help secure our buildings, and to deliver business intelligence to enhance operations, reduce costs, support environmental concerns and more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a fast-growing role in these capabilities.

    In a recent article by Security Magazine, advantages to adding AI to traditional security entrances like turnstiles include:

    • An increase in ROI
    • Speed of entry through the door or lanes
    • Ease of use and usability
    • The ability to gain rich data insights through a cloud-enabled system
    • The potential to integrate with additional systems and sensors

    With Alcatraz’s facial authentication solution, the Rock, you can add a few more improvements that are critical for most companies these days. For one thing, the Rock can improve on the overall health and safety of individuals entering the building. The Rock comes equipped with features like mask detection, which is key during this time. Moreover, the primary feature of the Rock (its AI-powered facial authentication) takes away any reason for individuals to touch the turnstile with a badge or mobile device.

    Another benefit that the Rock and its AI technology can add to that list is its ability to reduce the overhead cost of entrance security. In many cases, turnstiles act as a secondary access control system, since buildings that utilize these systems often pair them with security officers. Typically, if an intrusion is attempted, turnstiles will make it known through LED systems and audible alarms, which quickly aid security officers in determining the precise location of a potential breach, but with the Rock, no additional security is needed.

    The Rock’s system can detect when a person is attempting to tailgate his/her way into a facility through its long scanning range and large field of view. The solution’s auto-tagging and real-time notifications also give security administrators the tools to address concerns right when they occur, without any guards or additional hardware solutions necessary. 

    Alcatraz for Turnstiles

    AI-enabled access control is the answer to enhancing turnstile security. The Alcatraz Rock’s intelligent interface enables turnstiles to deploy a touchless, accurate, and adaptable access control solution built to address current and future scenarios, from tailgating detection to COVID-19 safety measures. These innovative features make the Rock the clear leader in the physical access control space, ensuring premier security and ultimate employee safety. However, don’t just take our word for it. To schedule a demo of the Rock’s solutions, visit

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