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    September 16, 2021

    Alcatraz AI leverages AWS to enable their Autonomous Access Control Platform

    By providing a facial authentication solution that leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize access control technology, Alcatraz AI has changed the way companies use access control systems. With biometric technology, your face becomes your credential.

    “Facial authentication is a much-needed element in access control because it’s more secure than many other authentication options, more convenient for end-users, and more efficient for businesses,” Tina D’Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI.


    Since 2016, Alcatraz AI has been working with organizations, like Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) and Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital to deploy a first line of defense against unauthorized access, while granting a more seamless end-user experience. Alcatraz AI is easy to implement and integrate with existing infrastructure, while enhancing an organization’s security strategy and protocols. Powered by AWS, Alcatraz AI’s platform can be integrated without any additional wiring; making it an attractive system for those looking to upgrade their age-old RFID keycard or fob systems.

    The Challenge 

    The security industry has been attempting to solve physical access control’s most prolific challenges; such as, the physical security breach hack that is tailgating - where an unauthorized individual follows closely behind an authorized individual to gain access to a facility.

    What’s more, is the cumbersome levels of friction authorized end users are often met at points of entry. Too often, individuals find themselves having to shuffle through their pockets or purses to find their key cards and fobs to gain access to their apartment or office buildings. Adding to these challenges is the post-COVID, health-conscious population who much rather avoid having to touch door handles as they insert a key or open a door. 

    The Move to Modern Systems

    Cloud-based access control systems like Alcatraz AI can offer a plug-and-play kind of way of implementing modern technology. With its sophisticated platform, Alcatraz AI transforms access control by leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence to make powerful decisions at the edge. 

    Highly Scalable, Cloud Native Platform

    Alcatraz Platform leverages AWS cloud services to achieve scalability, reliability and deployment automation. The ease of use of the AWS Services also allows for very high productivity by abstracting away the common workloads required to build a cloud infrastructure and empowers us to focus all development resources on our product. All of that paired with the reliability and uptimes AWS provides, gives us the tools we can truly count on.

    Warp Speed to the Future of Access Control and Smarter Buildings

    The demand for modern systems, especially those that are using artificial intelligence to protect facilities is on the rise. In light of COVID-19, organizations are asking for touchless access control, which can ensure safer back-to-work practices for employees. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global smart building market will grow over 150% in the next 5 years. Smart buildings are the next frontier and Alcatraz AI has the technology to help companies transition to intelligent security systems. 

    To get in touch with the Alcatraz AI team and discover how you can achieve a more autonomous and frictionless access control solution, visit

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