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    Rock Solid Access Control

    Video at the Door

    Video at the door is a game-changer for security admins. Our patented technology offers liveness detection, anti-spoofing, and privacy protections unrivaled in the industry. Plus, the ONVIF compliant, eye level video works with your existing Video Management System to more quickly and accurately identify unauthorized individuals.

    Video at the Door Capture footage
    Biometric Access Control

    Introducing the Rock

    The Rock is a biometric access control device that captures eye-level video footage and provides real-time alerts when unauthorized access is detected. It integrates with your current VMS, detects and alerts to tailgating and enables security teams to respond quickly.

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    Benefits of Video at the Door

    The Rock's onboard camera provides eye-level video footage and advanced analytics. It works with your current Video Management System (VMS), allowing your security team to take immediate and decisive action against unauthorized access.

    Video at the Door
    Eye-Level Video View

    Traditional security cameras are often mounted too high, making it difficult to capture important facial details of unauthorized individuals. The Rock's video at the door is positioned at eye-level to give your security team a clear view of unauthorized access to a secure area.

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    Works With Your VMS

    The Rock’s onboard 2MB ONVIF camera (profiles S and T) works with any video management system.

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    Liveness and Anti-Spoofing

    The Rock utilizes 2D and 3D cameras to verify that the user is actually present, blocking the use of digital images or printed pictures in spoofing attempts. 

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