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    Layered Security

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Enhance your business security with multi-factor authentication. Our facial biometrics and AI work with your existing system, ensuring swift authentication and ultimate protection against security breaches.

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    Strengthen Physical Security

    What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) or multimodal authentication is a security measure that requires multiple forms of identification to access a secure space. This includes a password or PIN code (something you know), an access card (something you have), and facial biometrics (something you are).

    The Rock from Alcatraz AI
    Implement multi-factor authentication

    Meet the Rock

    Powered by AI and machine learning, the Rock elevates your physical security with swift multi-factor authentication, smart tailgating detection, and simple integration. Simplify your zero-trust environment and easily monitor your most secure areas with the Rock. 


    Benefits of Using the Rock for Multi-Factor Authentication

    Using the Rock improves physical security and makes accessing your business more difficult for unauthorized individuals. It works with your existing access control system and adds a layer of protection in a zero-trust environment.

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    Perfect for Zero-Trust Environments

    The Rock delivers multi-factor authentication at the speed of single factor. Our facial authentication technology and multi-factor capabilities improve security and reduce friction in your zero trust environment. 

    No Integration Needed
    No Integration Needed

    The Rock works with your existing access control system without needing integration. Simply install the Rock inline between your current readers using Wiegand or OSDP and utilize the reader as one-factor authentication and facial authentication from the Rock as the second factor. 

    Ready to See How it Works?

    Book a quick 30-minute demo to see how Alcatraz AI can improve physical security at your organization.