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    Autonomous Access Control

    AI Meets Security -
    The Perfect Match

    Alcatraz AI offers autonomous access control with a biometric solution, the Rock. Our technology uses AI and 3D sensing to provide facial authentication and real-time decision-making for any physical access control system. The computer vision AI models we use are among the most powerful and accurate in the world.

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    Ethically Developed AI

    Alcatraz AI upholds the principles of ethical AI, emphasizing responsible training and application. Our commitment lies in cultivating AI technologies prioritizing fairness, transparency, and accountability. We strive to eliminate biases and ensure equitable outcomes by leveraging diverse and representative datasets. Alcatraz AI firmly believes that ethical AI is indispensable for fostering a more inclusive and harmonious future.

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    Specialized AI

    Alcatraz AI is a specialized AI, distinct from Generative AI models. Our cutting-edge technology is purpose-built with a defined range of functions, ensuring precision and reliability. As a specialized solution, we focus on delivering exceptional performance within our predetermined scope. Emphasizing security and efficiency, Alcatraz AI's approach sets us apart, offering tailored solutions for the specific needs of our clients without venturing into the unpredictable complexities of Generative AI. Trust in Alcatraz AI's targeted capabilities to optimize your security and operational requirements, all within a specialized AI framework.


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    AI Authentication

    With machine learning, users are auto-identified based on their unique facial biometrics. Using 2D and 3D sensors, users are authenticated in real-time when attempting to access a secure area based on their unique facial features. With this key feature, we deliver a frictionless experience that eliminates the need for users to stop, look, and wait. This means that employees can move freely without needing to carry additional credentials. Our technology ensures impenetrable security while providing a convenient and frictionless experience. 

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    Machine Learning

    Using Machine Learning, the Alcatraz solution makes micro-adjustments to your digital profile each time you interact with the Rock. Even minor changes in appearance due to age, differences in hair, weight gain or loss, etc., which are often imperceptible to the human eye, are captured and added to the individual’s biometric profile. This ensures that the 1,000th time you interact with the Rock, it is as accurate as the first time, and this sets Alcatraz apart from competitors who rely on a match against a static picture.

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    Patented Autonomous Enrollment

    Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional biometric enrollment methods. With Alcatraz AI, users can now easily self-enroll using their current badges without having to report to the security office. Over four to six badge swipes, the Rock will capture enough facial biometric data to create the biometric profile. The Badge ID and the biometric profile are then fused to authenticate the user by facial authentication (single-factor authentication) or via card swipe and facial authentication (dual-factor authentication).  

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    Liveness Check

    Experience the power of our 3D liveness check that verifies the authenticity of a person. Our liveness algorithm ensures the highest level of accuracy, effectively preventing unauthorized access attempts. This prevents common authentication attack attempts of showing the camera a 2D picture or an image on a tablet computer to try to fool the system. Our technology verifies the person's identity in real-time, providing all users a seamless and easy experience. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your space is secured by cutting-edge AI technology that works effortlessly in the background, delivering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

    The Alcatraz Rock

    Patented Tailgating Intelligence

    Our proprietary AI technology for detecting tailgating and piggybacking is capable of identifying breaches in real-time, resulting in immediate alerts for any unauthorized access attempts. The Rock employs advanced machine learning algorithms to constantly monitor the space in front of your doorway, featuring a wide field of view and long-range scanning capabilities. To aid security teams, a thumbnail image of the person of interest is sent to the Alcatraz Admin Portal software, and video of the incident is available from the onboard ONVIF camera.

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    Privacy & Consent

    At Alcatraz AI, we value user privacy and understand the steps required for compliance and consent. We know the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment while respecting individual privacy. With our technology, users can be assured that industry-leading data encryption protects personal data. For those who opt out of facial authentication, features are in place to ensure that no biometric profile is ever created for that user. Trust us to provide secure access control while prioritizing privacy and consent.

    Modernize and Upgrade Your Access Control

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