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    Meet the Rock

    Simple Enrollment,
    Personal Privacy

    With Mobile Enrollment, employees and visitors can enroll securely and quickly from their mobile devices. Our Privacy Consent Management ensures compliance with industry regulations while protecting user privacy.

    Two mobile phones showing mobile enrollment and consent management
    Transform Your Enrollment Process 

    Easy Mobile Enrollment

    • Convenient: Enroll in seconds, eliminating the need to take time to visit a physical enrollment location.
    • Accessible: Enroll from anywhere, at any time. Mobile enrollment is accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. Whether in a remote area or traveling. 
    • Efficient: Mobile Enrollment provides organizations adding Alcatraz for the first time an efficient means to enroll their entire staff, eliminating the need to schedule enrollment sessions.
    • Seamless: Once a user is enrolled on their mobile device, they are ready to authenticate upon arrival at the building. Simply use your face as your credential to unlock the door.
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    Consent Management
    Review and acknowledge the biometric privacy policy

    Privacy Consent

    • Transparency: An opt-in policy promotes transparency, as individuals are made aware of when and how their facial biometric data is used.
    • Privacy: Give employees the power to decide whether they use their face as their credential, helping protect their privacy.
    • Consent: With opt-in, ensure employees understand the terms of usage of biometric data for access control. 

    “Alcatraz AI is transforming the way people enter buildings and secure areas by making access frictionless and more secure, while also protecting user privacy.”

    Tina D'Agostin, CEO Alcatraz AI

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