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    September 27, 2021

    How does Alcatraz AI technology work?

    Our state-of-the-art product, the Rock, future proofs your physical security strategy with facial biometrics including features like touchless or multi-factor authentication, tailgating intelligence and video at the door giving you a unique door-level perspective of who is accessing an area. 

    Want to know how it works? 

    The Rock is a virtual gatekeeper.  It confirms the identity of individuals accessing an area, it detects if an individual is trying to gain access without being identified and it alerts other systems and individuals if an action needs to be taken. The Rock processes all of these decisions at the door in real-time and interfaces with the existing access control system (ACS) to provide authentication events and alerts.

    The Rock is installed in series between an existing badge reader and an access control panel. It communicates using the existing cabling via wiegand or OSDP (including Secure Channel). The Rock will intercept badge data coming from the reader or will lookup the data based on an authentication event. If the Rock in single-factor mode (1FA), it will simply pass the data along to the panel and the ACS will grant or deny access based on the configured rules.  If the Rock is in multi-factor mode (2FA or 3FA), it will buffer the data from the badge reader and compare it with data that was looked up during an authentication event.  If the two sets of data match, the Rock will send that data to the panel to grant or deny access.

    In addition to authenticating individuals, the Rock constantly analyzes the area within its field of view to detect objects or people. If a person enters an area and is not authenticated using either their face or their badge, the Rock can send an alert (a pre-configured “fake” badge number) to the ACS using existing cabling to alert the system that someone has tailgated or entered with authorization. No additional integration or software is required for the ACS to receive these alerts!

    The Rock is powered via PoE+ and is connected to the network to allow communication to the Alcatraz Platform for profile synchronization between devices and event logging. The Alcatraz Platform can be hosted by Alcatraz in the cloud or can be easily installed On-Premise. The network connection also provides an IP video stream (ONVIF Profile S) and can be consumed by nearly any Video Management System (VMS) just like a typical IP camera.

    Inforgraphic on how Alcatraz AI works.

    See how the Alcatraz Rock can protect your organization's employees, assets, and facilities today.

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