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    August 27, 2021

    Protect Energy & Utility Facilities with a Sophisticated AI Technology

    It's the industry that keeps all the lights on. It powers almost everything we do in our day-to-day lives - from working from home to traveling to making important phone calls to keeping us all safe, and because of this, protecting the industry is vital. The energy sector connects all critical infrastructure sectors from the food and agriculture sector to healthcare to the financial services sector. The US economy cannot function without this industry.

    A cyber energy breach could have widespread regional power loss, incapacitated communication networks, and disabled emergency services, leaving regions vulnerable and inaccessible to necessary resources and aid during times of crisis. Because of this, the US Department of Energy deems cybersecurity in the energy sector "one of the nation's most important and complex national security challenges," with the energy infrastructure being "a key target for adversaries."

    Secure your Facility with a Sophisticated AI Access Control Technology

    While we're mainly concerned about a potential cybersecurity breach on our energy and utilities, it's important to note that two out of ten decision factors and the most significant indicators that bad actors will target a facility are the facility's physical security. If a facility's physical security looks vulnerable, then there's a strong chance that observers will assume that its cybersecurity receives the same amount of attention. With Alcatraz AI, you can provide your organization with a proven, sophisticated, and modern physical security solution equipped to protect all your assets.

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    Ensuring that only authorized people have access to your facility and privilege-specific rooms is the first step to protecting your organization. In addition to its unparalleled facial recognition technology, the Rock's touchless authentication solution leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize access control and physical security technology. Its AI builds user profiles on employees based on just a handful of interactions with them, making it a seamless and straightforward process to enroll your staff and control access to all points of entry. 

    Moreover, the Rock's long scanning range and large field of view detect tailgating effectively. The solutions' auto-tagging and real-time notifications also give security administrators the tools to address concerns right when they occur without any guards or additional hardware solutions necessary. With the Rock's cloud-based access control system, managing security in multiple locations also becomes simple for security managers. It's easy to integrate with any legacy access control systems such as badge and card readers and requires no additional cabling to get started.  

    Alcatraz AI for the Energy and Utilities Industry

    The Alcatraz access control solutions help the energy and utility sectors improve physical security without added friction through best-in-class facial authentication and tailgating detection technologies. From field perimeter security to data centers to mechanical and electrical rooms to your substations, transformers, and electric grids - Alcatraz's powerful AI-enabled access control solution, the Rock, fortifies it all.

    Try our AI-powered facial authentication access control solution for free by reaching out to us at  

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