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    April 13, 2022

    How Stadiums and Arenas Are Reducing Check Process Time with AI Security Systems

    Protecting thousands of attendees and the athletes and performers in a large arena is one of the toughest jobs. It remains more important than ever today to safeguard secured spaces through foolproof access control checks that are safe and streamlined. Fortunately, that’s where AI-driven security check systems come into play.

    What exactly are these types of systems, and how can they help their operators efficiently keep security threats at bay?

    Let’s take a look at how stadiums and sports arenas are decreasing their security check process times by using AI stadium security systems.

    The Stadium Security Problem and the AI Stadium Security Solution

    Arenas and stadiums today face a variety of physical security obstacles. It may become difficult to verify identities and keep check process times to a minimum if you are using dated technology. In addition to preventing friction from occurring, stadiums must implement tailgating detection measures to restrict unauthorized parties.

    Updated stadium security is essential to protect crowds, performers, staff and secure assets. A security update can also help make aging infrastructures more robust, keep access protocols locked down to remain in compliance, and reduce breaches.

    The Security Solution

    Alcatraz Rock's facial authentication solution keeps fans, employees, and athletes safe. The physical security solution can defend stadiums and arenas without adding friction and keeping security check process times to a minimum.

    The Rock's authentication technology leverages analytics and AI to make cutting-edge decisions and grant access based on facial credentials. The touchless solution enables sports venues of all sizes to deliver the highest levels of security across restricted areas by utilizing the power of the human face. 

    Large sports venues such as LAFC have already tapped into the benefits of Alcatraz AI’s facial authentication solution because implementation is significantly streamlined. The Rock easily integrates with the existing stadium and arena access control system by easy attachment to any secured access point.

    photo at soccer field

    Reduce Security Check Process Times in Multiple Parts of Your Sports Venue

    With an authentication solution like the Alcatraz AI Rock, you can quickly verify employees and players with frictionless access. As a result, your stadium’s employees or players no longer have to deal with the stress and inconvenience of a long check-in process.

    Areas that can be secured with the Rock include an arena or stadium security office, data center, or practice facility. Feel free to also use facial authentication to secure your venue’s elevators, your weight room, and even your media center. A sports VIP lounge can likewise be protected from unwanted parties by using this type of security system.

    In addition to efficiently decreasing your security check process times in the above areas, the Rock offers a state-of-the-art admin and user experience to further save on time and energy. It provides the option to minimalize your security infrastructure and the costs associated with it. 

    photo of large stadium

    Touchpoints and Tailgating

    One of the main benefits of choosing a three-dimensional facial authentication solution like Alcatraz AI’s Rock is that it offers fewer touchpoints. Fewer touchpoints may help reduce breaches as well as germ spread, and detect tailgating to minimize the risk of breaches.

    Multi-Factor Authentication and Privacy

    Enable multi-factor authentication to secure zero-trust environments and provide additional layers of security for sports environments. The Rock's convenient on-premises or cloud options uphold data security, compliance, and privacy standards through end-to-end encryption. Users can have confidence in access control authentication, analytics, and alerts occurring in real-time.

    Adopting the AI Stadium Security Solution

    Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of using a leading authentication solution like the Rock to decrease your arena’s security check process times is that implementing the solution is a breeze. You can seamlessly deploy this touchless solution to your current access control setup. No integration or retrofits are required.

    Decrease Your Security Check Process Time with Alcatraz AI Today

    At Alcatraz AI, we are honored to offer you our one-of-a-kind Rock touchless authentication system. This solution will help to improve your venue’s physical security while also decreasing your security check process time by providing a smooth, up-to-date experience.

    Our solution has earned a reputation for compliance and rock-solid privacy for users, as it secures personally identifiable information through a closed system and user consent. It also stands out for its ease of use as it works with any badge reader or existing access control environment. 

    If you’re serious about boosting your identity verification efforts at your sports venue or performance arena, take advantage of our Rock solution at Alcatraz AI. We’d be glad to show you how it works and answer any questions you may have about our AI stadium security system. Schedule a virtual or in-person demo today to discover firsthand how this solution may benefit your organization in the sports and entertainment seasons ahead.

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