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    January 13, 2022

    6 Reasons to Upgrade Stadium Security | Alcatraz AI

    Modern arena security solutions offer a variety of tools to keep authorized personnel, fans and assets safe. Alcatraz AI's stadium security provides uninterrupted facial authentication for unparalleled protection. Keep reading for the 6 reasons why it’s important to upgrade.


    1. Simple Implementation & Scaling

    Stadium events can get pretty huge, with attendance up in the tens or possibly hundreds of thousands depending on the arena. Maintaining proper stadium security in areas so large has always been a challenge, until now. Whether you’re ensuring athletes can focus on the game, staff members can do their jobs efficiently, or managing large crowds, modern security systems like Alcatraz’s the Rock use an intelligent AI to protect all access control points across the existing infrastructure. Our solution, the Rock, is designed to be easy-to-implement and use - with no integration needed for easy deployment on any access control and video management systems.

    2. Autonomous Access

    Efficiently admitting admin, athletes, and authorized personnel can be difficult on game days and during large events. Thankfully, AI-powered arena security verifies users with autonomous access control to enter secured areas in a stadium or arena. The Rock can be used for multi-factor authentication when paired with a third-party badge reader for an extra layer of stadium security.

    3. Tailgating Prevention

    Stadium security must address and stop tailgating. Tailgating is any time someone follows closely behind someone else, making it seem as though they’re together to evade stadium security measures. But with AI, systems can detect if someone is tailgating another person, refuse them entry, and alert the local admin of the culprit so they can be dealt with.

    4. Smoother Access Control

    When you have the large crowds stadium security deals with, getting stricter security can run the risk of becoming too slow. Frictionless control through face authentication is a simple and effective way to make arena security quick and strict. Registered users just have to walk up to an access point, allow it to scan their face, and can be granted access without having to push any buttons or wait too long. They’re identified and given access. It’s that simple.

    Stadium - Bleachers full of fans

    5. No Lost or Forgotten Cards

    Having less restrictive touchpoints allows for users to keep their belongings secured on their person throughout the event. No having to bust out their IDs or credit cards to verify their person since it’s all handled through face authentication. That’s going to give users a lot of peace of mind going through stadium security, and they’ll definitely appreciate how much smoother it feels as well.

    6. Edge Computing

    With the power of edge computing, arena security processes can be handled through AI in real-time. Basically, edge computing takes advantage of machine learning to observe the layout of the arena and constantly improve through further use. This essentially future-proofs stadium security measures, and there are no complicated updates or user maintenance necessary for it to keep working.

    Future-proof Stadium Security

    The best part about modern upgrades to stadium security is that they are built to be fully Future-proof. All you have to do is install it, allow local admin access, and the system can begin authorizing users into your venue. You’ll get a smoother, more powerful, entirely autonomous security system that will make stadium events a snap.

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