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    February 1, 2022

    Optimize Security During COVID-19 and Beyond

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    Covid has caused a lot of changes across practically all industries. While you may be familiar with broader changes to management and remote work, you may not know about the changes to security protocols. At Alcatraz AI, we’ve been hard at work enhancing access control security in light of all post-Covid issues. With a few key improvements, we’re confident that our security systems can properly protect organizations without sacrificing efficiency or enabling the spread of harmful pathogens. Continue reading to see the many ways this access control system company is improving security practices post-Covid, from touchless interaction to mask enforcement.

    Frictionless Interaction

    Our first step to enhancing access control security post-Covid was to make the system as touchless as possible to reduce germ spread. Advanced, three-dimensional facial authentication technology allows for access control where users hardly need to touch anything, since users’ faces are their credentials. 

    Mask Enforcement

    Social distancing is a key way to enhance access control security post-Covid. This access control system company has allowed companies to enforce this through tailgating detection. Tailgating is any time a person attempts to gain entrance through another person's authorization. Our tailgating security intelligence will alert local admin depending on your preferences, so you can make sure only authorized users gain access.

    Streamlined Functioning

    Enhancing access control security post-Covid means making processes more smooth while equally as effective. Through the power of artificial intelligence, this is possible through what we call autonomous access control. Essentially, autonomous control allows the system to run itself. Through complex algorithms and machine learning, the system can observe the building and users and adapt to make this smoother for them. When trustworthy users are present, security protocols can be relaxed to allow them through quickly. The system only cracks down when unauthorized personnel are nearby. Since the system can do this all on its own, it remains entirely touchless, crucial in the post-Covid era.

    Privacy Guaranteed

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    One of the biggest developments post-Covid has been the desire for greater privacy in complex electronic systems. So, when this access control system company set out to enhance security, we made it a top priority to protect users’ privacy in the process. We’ve done that through complex end-to-end encryption of all our data as well as the option to keep it all off the cloud. So, data won’t be accessible to other users or hackers unless they can break through our powerful encryption methods, which is incredibly unlikely. Users can rest easy knowing their data won’t be falling into the wrong hands.

    Mask Intelligence

    Face masks may still be around for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we wanted our efforts of enhancing access control security to be able to work with masks. We’ve achieved this through what we call Mask Intelligence. Basically, our face authentication system scans users’ faces and ensures that they then put their masks on before entering the secured area. 

    Unified, Efficient Results

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    This access control system company is doing everything it can to make post-Covid security tough while flexible to account for industries’ needs. To that end, we’re enhancing our access control security with many tools, including touchless navigation, tailgating patrol, and mask intelligence to directly minimize potential pathogen spread. As an added bonus, the system can work autonomously and keep users’ privacy in mind. The system gets to be optimized without compromising disease prevention or lockdown efforts.

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