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    November 10, 2021

    Some of the Newest Strides in Tech Security

    Tech is a rapidly evolving industry, and many key improvements have been made in the security field, particularly when it comes to door access control. With new technology available, companies can better monitor and protect their properties, both digitally and physically with access security. With these new methods in play, companies can gain customer trust and have peace of mind that their property and work will remain secure. It all starts with the latest security systems and the power of AI. Read below for the newest strides in tech security.

    Face Authentication

    You may be familiar with the idea of tracking faces using technology. However, there are two different types of facial tracking that serve different purposes. Facial authentication is the process of using your face, with consent, as a key to gain access. Facial authentication is used for door access control, and is a great way to limit access to higher priority areas. Your face is the ultimate passport thanks to new technologies that allow it to be used for identification purposes.

    Tailgating Protection

    One of door access control’s major downsides in the past has been the possibility of tailgating. Tailgating is when a threat bypasses physical access security by following an authorized person into a secure area. Tailgaters can slip in by appearing to belong even when they don’t. Thanks to new tech solutions, though, tailgating is a thing of the past. With systems now able to facially authenticate every person who walks through an entry point, AI can easily pinpoint if a person is trying to sneak into somewhere they don’t belong. The system can instantly respond and notify the company of the potential threat before anything goes wrong.

    Tailgaters a the door

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    You’ve likely encountered multi-factor authentication digitally, using both a password and phone to gain access to accounts. With new technology, multi-factor authentication reaches door access control. Facial authentication systems can pair seamlessly with badge/ID checks or other physical keys to keep your entry points as locked down as physically possible. The more secure a room needs to be, the more checks you can enforce to make sure no one can break in. Thankfully, AI systems make multi-factor solutions inobtrusive and convenient. That way, you can gain customer trust without frustrating the common users of the property.

    Multiple ways for authentication

    Cloud Integration

    Using the possibilities of the cloud gives you maximum agency and flexibility in your approach to door access control. All the security and surveillance tools are available to you, no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection. This means that if there is ever a breach, you’ll know about it and can respond. It also makes managing the system much easier, as you don’t need to rely on a central security unit to handle everything. Plus, the ability to backup and encrypt data to the internet means your system can’t be taken down by a power outage or local data corruption.

    Photo of man with devices -Laptop,Tablet, Phone

    Full Control

    With all of the many new advancements to door access control, companies have never had more power and agency in securing their property and data. Zero trust architecture precisely monitors people through facial authentication and other means. This eliminates the threat of tailgating and allows companies to gain customer trust. Combined with cloud management and tracking, physical access security is free of the limitations that have plagued it in the past. Discover more tech security advancements throughout Alcatraz AI and get the best protection for your property.

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