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    January 26, 2023

    Why Frictionless Physical Security is the Future

    Woman entering securely to a building

    Technology should make our lives easier. Frictionless physical security is a perfect example by providing protection without adding to the burden of your staff or security team. Frictionless physical security reduces the number of touchpoints and allows for quicker and more convenient access to spaces. With traditional security methods, such as key cards and fingerprints, there are multiple steps and touchpoints that need to be completed before access is granted.   It can be used to provide employees increased protection when entering secured spacesFinancial institutions, airports, and other industries can achieve additional peace of mind. Here are three significant ways frictionless authentication is the way of the future.

    Incredibly User-Friendly

    Facial biometrics empower frictionless security making it ultra user-friendly because  the technology eliminates the need for users to remember and carry physical items, such as keys or ID cards, or memorize and enter passwords or PIN codes. Biometric authentication methods use unique physical characteristics of the user to verify their identity. Frictionless security refers to systems that allow for seamless and unobtrusive authentication, without the need for explicit action on the part of the user. Together, these technologies provide a convenient and secure way for users to access protected resources.

    Frictionless authentication powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning is a security solution that is easy for everyone, and can be added to your existing access control system. The Rock from Alcatraz AI is designed to work natively with your access control system, with no integration needed. Employees can continue to use the system you already have in place, while the Alcatraz AI Rock uses real-time 3D facial mapping to authenticate an individual’s identity. 

    Perfect for Locations With Hygiene Concerns

    Woman with a mask

    Whether you’re a general hospital or a healthcare research facility, protecting patients and staff from the spread of germs is essential. Frictionless also known as “touchless” security solutions do not require you to touch a device such as a pin pad or even an access control badge, reducing the spread of germs that live on surfaces. 

    Solutions like, Alcatraz AI can also offer mask detection technology. Even if you aren’t in a health-related industry, this can be an essential security measure if a global health crisis occurs again. Our frictionless authentication solution will identify the person and que the system to wait to grant access until a mask is in place.

    Less Impact on Traffic Flow

    If your security team is spending time monitoring doors to via security cameras or photo badge matching to validate authorized entries, it takes their time away from other duties. There is a better way.

    Frictionless security frees up your security team and keeps people moving through the doors instead of waiting on someone to check their badge. Alcatraz AI also has the technology to detect tailgating, which can be a challenge for even the best security team during peak traffic times.

    Schedule a Demo

    Alcatraz AI offers a state-of-the-art security solution designed to protect your facilities, employees, and assets in a way that makes everyone’s jobs easier. Schedule a short virtual demo with us today to learn how to improve your access control exponentially.

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