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    October 29, 2020

    Alcatraz, Clear Cloud Solutions Inc. Partner to Deliver Facial Authentication Access Control Solutions for Utilities, Additional Industries

    REDWOOD CITY, CA (October 29, 2020) Alcatraz, developer of secure touchless access control products, has partnered with Clear Cloud Solutions Inc. to sell and market Alcatraz’s innovative facial authentication platform in targeted physical security verticals.

    “Clear Cloud Solutions Inc. has earned a great reputation for specializing in protecting critical assets in many sectors, particularly the utilities vertical,” said Alcatraz Chief Revenue Officer Tina D’Agostin. “We’re excited to partner with Clear Cloud Solutions because we believe our Alcatraz Rock facial authentication platform will enrich their access control offerings and the ability to provide comprehensive one- and two-factor authentication protection on the edge.”

    Based in Southern California, Clear Cloud Solutions Inc. is a physical security integration company that designs, installs, services, and protects critical infrastructure. They provide companies with security systems that help minimize and avoid threats, prevent future threats, and a quick response in the event of an incident. 

    Clear Cloud Solutions Inc. Vice President of Sales and Business Development Greg Sippell, RCDD, said the firm chose to incorporate the Alcatraz Rock platform into their solutions portfolio because it incorporates the latest in technology to address a much-needed element in access control: facial authentication. 

    “We believe it is important to have technology in our portfolio that facilitates getting employees back to work safely and secures the workplace,” said Sippell. “We’ve been impressed with the Alcatraz team, the tools they provide, and their collaborative nature with the channel”

    Alcatraz offers a touchless and secure physical access control platform that works with any access control system. It replaces or augments badging as a credential with facial recognition, 3D sensing, and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. The Rock uses passive 3D sensing, machine learning for increased security, and accurate tailgating detection, while intelligently enrolling employees as they are badging in, eliminating the headaches associated with traditional onboarding. A newly added feature provides a mask detection mode – the Mask Enforcer – to help businesses comply with post-COVID government-mandated facemasks.

    For more information on Clear Cloud Solutions Inc., visit To learn more about Alcatraz, visit the newly revised website:

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