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    November 9, 2020

    Southern California Security Firm PACE Adds Alcatraz Rock to Solutions Portfolio

    PACE Security, a Southern California security integration and systems design firm, has added the Alcatraz Rock autonomous access control platform to its solutions portfolio.

    “We are excited to have PACE embrace the Alcatraz Rock and its ability to deliver access control via facial authentication,” said Alcatraz Chief Revenue Officer Tina D’Agostin. “PACE has already successfully delivered autonomous access control solutions to its clients with the Rock platform, including an installation they have already done for the Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Hospital in Los Angeles.”

    Based in Southern California, PACE Security has been delivering innovative approaches to security integration for 25 years. PACE provides complete solutions from engineering to the implementation and installation of equipment and complete customer training for seamless integration of access control, closed circuit television, and security. 

    PACE Security Owner and President Ray Downs said adding the Alcatraz Rock to access control projects allows them to deliver customers a “level 10” in access control security. 

    “Because the Rock can be used in a two-factor authentication where individuals badge in and also have to use facial authentication along with the badge, that is as secure as you can get,” said Downs. “It can’t be compromised if someone loses an ID badge or if it falls into the wrong hands.”

    Downs added that they also like the fact that they are not technology restricted by the Alcatraz Rock since it works with any access control platform. 

    “The Alcatraz Rock is easily integratable into nearly all access control platforms and can be used on any element at any system at any time. It’s an impressive product and we have a lot of enthusiasm about it.”

    Alcatraz offers a touchless and secure physical access control platform that works with any access control system. It replaces or augments badging as a credential with facial recognition, 3D sensing, and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. The Rock uses passive 3D sensing, machine learning for increased security, and accurate tailgating detection, while intelligently enrolling employees as they are badging in, eliminating the headaches associated with traditional onboarding. A newly added feature provides a mask detection mode – the Mask Enforcer – to help businesses comply with post-COVID government-mandated facemasks.

    For more information on PACE Security, visit To learn more about Alcatraz, visit the newly revised website:

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