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    September 15, 2020

    Does your access control solution enforce a Zero-Trust environment for your data center?

    Data centers play a critical role in our lives, making remote working, online shopping, distance learning, and more, possible. Since data centers regularly handle sensitive user data, they require the highest levels of security. Cybersecurity is crucial, but equally important is the physical protection of the data centers and the information that they house. It is essential to validate the identity of every individual seeking physical access to a data center and to ensure that they are authorized to be there. In order to enable the highest level of security, data centers engage in a Zero-Trust environment – a framework in which an organization verifies user identity at every point of entry. Under this model, data centers require the highest level of physical security as the first line of defense against unauthorized visitors who could launch a cyber attack or threaten business continuity.

    The current access control and security systems that data centers employ are outdated and prone to exploitation. Up until now, the first line of physical security for data centers has primarily been a combination of access control card readers and security guards posted at every data center entry point. These methods are not only costly but can also jeopardize your data center’s security. Access control cards can be lost, stolen, or intentionally shared by coworkers – allowing unverified individuals to pass through entry points without detection. Security guards are effective, but expensive, and can get distracted or drawn away from the task of identity verification. The overhead for placing a security guard at every data center entrance is a costly – and recurring – line on a P&L sheet. 

    Many organizations have sought to bridge the security gap by installing biometric access control systems, like fingerprint readers, that require touch to authorize entry. Despite having physical security systems that are outdated, unreliable, and prone to spreading germs via fingerprint readers in a post-COVID society, the need to stay open has deterred many data centers from ripping and replacing their current methods. This jeopardizes the safety of data center employees and the security of the facilities. 

    Two-Factor Authentication using the Rock

    Alcatraz offers a revolutionary access control solution unlike any other in the physical security space – facial authentication that works with any existing access control solution without any rip and replace. The Alcatraz Rock is a facial authentication device that leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize your access control technology. The Rock can be easily installed at every point of entry and deliver one- and two- factor authentication. The Rock integrates with existing access control infrastructure and instantly enhances your data center security. Each Alcatraz Rock offers state-of-the-art security features like frictionless access control, tailgating detection, and an analytics platform, making it the premier security device for enforcing a Zero-Trust environment. 

    To learn more about how Alcatraz can provide a Zero-Trust environment for your data center, please sign up for a demo.

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