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    January 4, 2023

    Why Protect Against Unauthorized Access to Your Data Center.

    Servers within a data center.

    There are several reasons to protect against unauthorized access to a data center. The cost of security breaches, regulatory fines for noncompliance, and potential loss from downtime could be devastating to a data center provider. According to  The Infrastructure Security and Resilience (ISR) Forum, one tailgating incident costs between $500,000 to $2 million. Let’s look a little deeper at each reason and how Alcatraz AI can help:

    1. Security: Unauthorized access to a data center can lead to security breaches, which can compromise sensitive data and cause damage to the organization. By protecting against unauthorized access, organizations can prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to sensitive information and systems, which can help prevent data breaches and other security incidents.

    2. Compliance: Many organizations are subject to regulatory requirements that mandate the protection of sensitive data and systems. By protecting against unauthorized access, organizations can ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations, which can help avoid costly fines and other penalties.

    3. Business continuity: Unauthorized access to a data center can disrupt operations and cause downtime, which can have a negative impact on the organization's bottom line. By protecting against unauthorized access, organizations can help ensure that their systems and data remain available and secure, which can help maintain business continuity.

    Alcatraz AI delivers a simple yet powerful physical access control solution that uses AI and machine learning to adapt to the changes in people and the environment and evolving business needs. Using a person’s face as their credential, the Alcatraz Rock is a frictionless, AI-enabled access control solution that works natively with virtually all access control solutions as a standalone reader or part of a complex, enterprise, multi-factor authentication system. Built from the ground up with a focus on privacy, this facial recognition device enables touchless entry into physical locations. 

    Closeup of data server in a data center.


    Leveraging a highly rated facial recognition algorithm, the Alcatraz Rock is the leader in next-level access control technology and offers a suite of features to strengthen your security posture while reducing the administrative burden and improving the user experience.

    The Rock also detects and alerts to tailgating incidents and provides actionable information to modify employee behavior. The Alcatraz solution only grants access to those registered in the access control system and denies authentication to those not. If an unauthorized individual tries to follow an authorized individual through the door, the Rock will detect and alert the security center through the access control system. 

    It can be used as a primary authentication or multi-factor authentication device that can supplement an existing access control infrastructure without the need to “rip and replace” the current infrastructure. 

    Protecting against unauthorized access to a data center ensures the organization's security, compliance, and business continuity. The failure to prevent this can be devastating. Request a demo today

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