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    February 17, 2021

    Implement Multi-Factor Authentication to Your Existing Access Control System with The Alcatraz Rock

    Did you know that 99% of security breaches did not use multi-factor authentication? The term multi-factor simply refers to an extra layer of authentication required to gain access. The goal of multi-factor authentication methods is to increase the difficulty for an unauthorized user to gain entry in a secured facility. These additional credentials can be something you have - like a badge or smartphone; something you know - like a PIN; or something you are - which is  a biometric. The multi-factor authentication market is expected to reach $12 Billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 15.52%, which shows that a lot of organizations are moving toward multi-factor authentication, as one of the best security measures for your organization. 

    Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

    Strengthens Security – Security is the most obvious benefit of using multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication compensates for the vulnerabilities of single-factor authentication, which is susceptible to social engineering attacks or simply losing your keycard. As a result, security breaches are significantly reduced when multi-factor authentication is implemented.

    Meets Compliance Mandates – Many compliance standards – federal, state, or otherwise – usually specify that organizations need to implement MFA for certain situations. This is especially true for high-security areas such as data centers, financial centers, MDF/IDF closets, government facilities, etc.  

    Reduces Operational Costs – Since multi-factor authentication reduces security breaches significantly and makes it very difficult for unauthorized users to gain access, there is a lower need to deploy security guards at every access point. This results in reduced operational costs without compromising security.

    Multi-Factor Authentication with the Rock 

    The Alcatraz Rock utilizes 3D facial recognition and artificial intelligence to enable highly-secure entry into physical locations. By using facial authentication, the Rock will only grant access to those who are registered in the system and deny access to those who are not. This smart facial authentication platform delivers incredibly fast, edge-based serverless processing. Combined with Tailgating Intelligence, if an unauthorized individual tries to follow an authorized individual through the door, the Rock will target the user as a tailgater and notify security immediately. 

    The Alcatraz Rock seamlessly integrates with your existing access control to provide two-factor or three-factor authentication. The Rock has been successfully deployed in banks, government facilities, and data centers to deliver multi-factor authentication that bolsters the security of the facilities. 

    Two-Factor authentication: Combine the Rock with any other access control device such as badge reader, keypad reader, or fingerprint reader, etc., to provide two-factor authentication at the door. First, the face will be authenticated and then – if a successful badge swipe occurs – the person will be granted access.

    Three-Factor authentication: The most commonly-used scenario for three-factor authentication is a badge reader and pin code reader combined with a biometric. The Rock seamlessly integrates with any two access control devices to provide a three-factor authentication at the door. First, the face will be authenticated, and then if a successful badge read and keypad press occurs, the person will be granted access.

    To learn more about how the Alcatraz Rock can provide multi-factor authentication for your organization, please sign up for a demo.

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