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    October 24, 2023

    Alcatraz AI Wins Detektor International Award for Best Product

    Alcatraz AI Wins Detektor International Best Product Award for ID & Access ControlIMG_1828

    In the fast-paced world of security technology, innovation is the driving force behind safer and more secure spaces. With immense pride, we announce Alcatraz AI as the recipient of the prestigious Detektor International Award for Best Product in ID and Access Control. Established in 2000, this award recognizes outstanding contributions to the security industry, and we are thrilled to be honored with this accolade.

    At Alcatraz AI, our mission has always been to redefine access control with cutting-edge technology while prioritizing privacy. Our flagship product, the Alcatraz AI Rock, is a testament to this commitment. Powered by AI-driven facial authentication, it enhances security and ensures compliance with regulations such as GDPR, BIPA, CCPA, and more. What truly sets the Alcatraz AI Rock apart is its unwavering dedication to privacy – it never stores personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring the utmost data protection for users.

    So, what makes the Alcatraz Rock a game-changer in the security industry?

    1. Frictionless Access at the Door: Reduce touch points when entering a controlled space by using 3D facial authentication.

    2. Mobile Enrollment: Enroll in seconds from anywhere, anytime, to save time and money and reduce the burden on security or HR teams while improving security.

    3. Tailgating Detection: Provide alerts to prevent unauthorized entry by providing real-time notifications to ACS/VMS.  Also, detect crossing and piggybacking.

    4. Multi-Factor Authentication: In a zero-trust environment, security is paramount. The Alcatraz Rock offers multi-factor authentication, combining two or more factors to secure areas effectively.

    5. Privacy Consent Management: Clear communication is key. The Alcatraz Rock informs individuals about data collection, use, and management processes, allowing for opt-in and improved compliance.

    The Best Product Award underscores our dedication to revolutionizing access control globally. We aim to make secure spaces more accessible while upholding the highest privacy standards. We want to express our gratitude to our customers, partners, and supporters who have been part of this incredible journey.

    At Alcatraz AI, we believe in simplicity, security, and privacy. We are trusted by Fortune 500 companies to protect more than one million employees. Our journey continues, and we are excited to shape the future of access control.

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