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    January 26, 2022

    5 Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Access Control | Alcatraz AI

    New growth in AI technology has led to improvements in access control systems. AI combines the quick, automated protocols of electric systems with humans’ capacity to learn and observe key points. With both of these in play, the system can quickly evaluate potential threats, such as tailgaters, and adjust security levels. Keep reading for the 5 key ways the process becomes streamlined with the inclusion of AI technology.

    1. Identify in an Instant

    For humans to validate a person’s identity, it often means taking time to evaluate their ID with their face, or for a system to reference the ID with its database. Using AI-powered, access control systems don’t have to worry about these problems. AI systems use one-to-few face authentication methods to swiftly cross-reference a person’s face with their file on the database. The system will then automatically grant users entrance if they match and alert local admin if they don’t. All this happens at lightning pace, allowing queues to move swiftly and backups to be kept to a minimum.

    2. Autonomous Control

    Autonomous access control systems are the next leap forward in security. Put simply, it means the entire system is automated through an AI system that is continuously learning. This makes for the best access control system because it eliminates any inefficiency of human components. AI powered technology can verify personnel entering the secured area, and automatically heighten or lower security levels when needed. It identifies tailgaters and sends an alert to the ACS that unauthorized access is taking place.

    3. Combined Multi-factor Methods

    Multi-factor authentication is growing in popularity for access control systems because the security potential it presents is unrivaled. However, multi-factor in company access control often struggles because it adds even more red tape users must navigate to get around the building. With AI systems like the Rock, this becomes easily solvable. The system can integrate seamlessly with other entry methods such as ID scanners and communicate with them at a rapid pace. Users can scan their face, ID, and use other authentication methods in quick succession without a loss of accuracy or confusion. So, you can have increased security that still moves as quickly as you need it to.

    4. Zero Trust Initiative

    Implementing zero trust architecture in an access control system is a key way to further lock down a property while increasing efficiency. Essentially, it means building your security system so all suspicious activity is evaluated equally. No one is given the benefit of the doubt. There is little need for humans to physically grant someone access. If anyone does anything suspicious, it is flagged. If you want to have the best access control system, you have to eliminate any room for error within security.

    5. Long-Range Scanning

    As you try to streamline your access control system, you’ll find that there is an increased risk of tailgating. Tailgating is when someone follows closely behind an authorized person to sneak into an area they don’t have access to. It’s easy to pick up on this in slower checks, but becomes harder the faster you want to go. It’s especially hard to check with human guards who may assume the tailgater is with the other person. With long-range scanning in AI systems, you can detect tailgaters swiftly and effectively. So, you can further speed up the company access control processes without sacrificing actual security.

    Trusting the System


    The biggest key to streamlining your access control system is to trust that AI solutions are effective and will do their job. As long as you don’t stand in their way, the system will automate itself and has all the tools to make access points smoother while also cracking down on potential threats. It’s easy to have the best access control system if you choose the right technology and allow it to work.

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