Autonomous Access Control with Personal Privacy at the core of our technology
Alcatraz values the privacy of our users and individuals in the environments in which our products operate. 
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Built with privacy in mind
Privacy and Security is of paramount concern for Alcatraz AI. Our technology is focused on privacy, compliance and data security with end-to-end encryption and on-prem option. Alcatraz AI does not collect or share user data. In fact, we don’t even capture images. The platform respects privacy and relies on facial authentication that is transactional in nature, and does not collect or store individuals’ images unless they are enrolled in the system, preventing identity hacking even if data is stolen.
How we ensure privacy:
The Rock does not store or collect personally identifiable information such as names, birthdates, etc.
Fully Encrypted
For all deployments, data is secured from end to end.
Enterprise Grade
Data is encrypted using AES-256 encryption.
Anonymous Identities
Enrollment with the Rock creates biometric profiles that are anonymous.
The Rock is not designed for surveillance and does not collect data for non-enrolled users.
Right to be Forgotten
Deletion of profiles can be performed at any time.
Privacy by Design
Alcatraz values the privacy of our users and individuals in the environments in which our products operate. The Alcatraz platform is not designed for covert surveillance. The system provides configurable image and data retention settings to allow customers to comply with corporate governance and local legislation. The collection of enrollment data for the Alcatraz platform requires the user to interact with the Alcatraz hardware installed in the field. The system uses this data to create a profile that is fused with a users badge data for identity authentication. The Alcatraz profile does not include information such as name, birthdate, email address, etc. Profiles can be deleted at any time. All logs, configurations and profiles are encrypted using industry best practices including AES-256 encryption.
The Alcatraz Administration Portal collects personally identifiable information from its registered users. This may include email address, name, physical address, and telephone number, only for users that have created accounts in the Alcatraz platform. Information about the computer hardware and software used to access the Alcatraz platform is automatically collected by Alcatraz. This information includes: IP address, browser type, domain names, access times, and referring website addresses. This information is used by Alcatraz for the operation of the service, to maintain quality of the service, and to provide general statistics regarding use of the Alcatraz Administration Portal.
Alcatraz incorporates the highest of standards in designing our platform which is why we seek certification from a variety of professional organizations. We have been certified by national and international testing standards.