Financial Services

Create secure & frictionless experiences with autonomous access control.

Transforming Financial Service Security

At Alcatraz AI, we know how valuable your security and privacy are. Our AI biometrics security technology provides financial services with high-level security solutions, so you can feel confident that employees, customers and assets are safe and protected. See how you can upgrade your business, and step into the future of security with our touchless authentication system.

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For High-Security Areas

Employ added protection via dual-factor authentication for entry into vaults or safety deposit boxes.

Trusted Employee Verification

Facial authentication technology ensures that only authorized personnel can access secure areas.

Reduced Security Costs

Zero-trust environments through AI biometric security technology reduce the need for physical guards.

Financial Services Uses

  • Vault and safety deposit box access
  • IDF/MDF server rooms
  • Data center access
  • Employee building access
  • Employee time & attendance
  • Day gate access
  • Visitor authentication
For High-Security Areas

Secure your financial institution with a touchless facial authentication system.

What Can Banks Expect?

Our facial authentication system detects tailgating and secures restricted areas to prevent the theft of data and cash. Our fast and reliable employee verification mitigates risk and enables uninterrupted access flow. In addition, our touchless system reduces touch points and health risks.

Effortless Assembly

Alcatraz AI’s biometric security for financial services is designed to be flexible, capable of working in any established office space. With PoE (power over ethernet), the Rock saves you from a mess of cables and gives itself more freedom with placement as it doesn’t rely on outlets.

Plus, the Rock uses a proprietary profile-on-demand system that combines user and badge biometric data, allowing it to integrate with any previously established systems and putting everything in one place. Once the system is hooked up, it’s ready to go.

Reduced Security Costs

If you keep a sharp eye on business expenses, ease your mind with our AI biometrics system. The Rock provides both the power and efficiency that will make extensive security measures unnecessary. The system has built-in tamper detection and real-time alerts that keep you in the know of any possible breaches or issues. It also has tailgate detection that prevents individuals from sneaking in behind authorized personnel, so direct physical involvement won’t be necessary. With the Rock, you can do away with an extensive guard staff, and other costly ancillary security measures, because the Rock can handle it all.

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