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    Alcatraz AI Rock and
    Genetec™ Synergis™

    Alcatraz AI and Genetec deliver access control solutions that increase the security of protected facilities, provide business insights, and ensure a seamless touchless for end users.

    Increased Security and Insights

    Alcatraz AI and Genetec deliver an easy-to-use, innovative, unified system that creates a path to better security.

    Seamless Integration

    The Rock from Alcatraz AI integrates with Synergis™, providing new levels of analytics, reporting, and alerting.

    Tailgate Detection & Alerting

    When a tailgating incident is detected, the Rock sends a real-time alert to Genetec Security Center, allowing security professionals to take immediate action.


    The autonomous enrollment process allows authorized users to integrate with Genetec without exposing personally identifiable information (PII).

    Enterprise-Grade Security

    With enterprise-grade networking and security, Alcatraz and Genetec provide end-to-end encryption and customizable hosting options.

    Alcatraz AI and Genetec Integration


    Louis-René Bergeron,Integration Manager for Genetec

    The Genetec and Alcatraz AI integration offers a streamlined and simplified experience directly within Synergis™. By partnering together, we are optimizing the overall experience of our customers while strengthening security and protecting the privacy of individual users

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