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    Frictionless Access Control

    A&E and Consultant Program

    At Alcatraz AI, we greatly value our specifiers, and we are firmly dedicated to providing you with the essential tools and resources to empower you in delivering the utmost value to your customers.

    Partnership Benefits

    At Alcatraz AI, we've reimagined access control and identity authentication, blending cutting-edge artificial intelligence with innovative hardware to create a seamless, secure, and frictionless experience. See how partnering with Alcatraz AI can help improve customer security.

    VIP Portal Access

    Stay informed about our most recent product updates in frictionless access control, and you will be the first to receive important information to help you shape a comprehensive security solution for your customers. 

    Get Hands-On with Alcatraz AI Rock

    An all-in-one device for enhanced security with facial biometrics, AI, and machine learning. Access the latest product and features for labs, testing, and client proofs of concept.

    Online or In-Person Training Sessions

    Comprehensive training sessions, available both online and in-person, to empower your team with valuable insights into facial biometrics and frictionless access control. 

    Get World-Class Support

    Our team is dedicated to providing the best support for all partners and their customers. With us, you'll get the help you need, when you need it. Our high Net Promoter Scores show that partners endorse us to their clients and friends.  

     Meet the Alcatraz AI Rock 

    Learn More Today

    Alcatraz AI is not just an access control solution; it's a commitment to a safer and more efficient future. Join us in shaping the future of frictionless access control and identity verification.