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    October 11, 2021

    What is Autonomous Access Control and Why it Will Revolutionize Security

    Modernize Your Organization’s Access Control Security

    Autonomous access control offers the pinnacle of security services, and at Alcatraz AI, the principle is embedded in all aspects of our technology. We provide organizations with “self-driving” security access through facial authentication with 3D sensing, powered by robust AI and machine learning. Operating in real-time, at any time, our technology authenticates and determines access for any areas of your facility. From stadiums and college residence halls to data center facilities and hospital pharmacies, our biometric solution, the Rock, automates security and controls access wherever it is needed

    Remove Your Organization’s Security Vulnerabilities

    Alcatraz AI deploys autonomous access control through facial authentication technology incorporating artificial intelligence, data analytics, and the individuality of the human face to make public and private spaces safer for all.

    The Rock is our state-of-the-art solution that uses facial biometrics and combines video security systems to provide instant information about anyone entering or leaving reduced-access areas.
    Watch our video to learn more.

    Incorporate Autonomous Access Control with The Rock from Alcatraz AI

    Adding The Rock to your physical security portfolio helps ensure the safety of your employees, clients and visitors, intellectual property, and valuable assets. Here’s how we’re helping our clients through autonomous access control technology:

    Autonomous enrollment: The Rock’s artificial intelligence allows employees to self-enroll into the security system using their current badges. This establishes a baseline, and as employees pass in front of the video camera, the artificial intelligence system works to learn and improve.

    Autonomous administration: The Rock handles all administration, reducing burdens on your cybersecurity and information security staff while ensuring the interface is intuitive for physical security staff to manage.

    Tailgating detection: The Rock’s tailgating intelligence detects unauthorized personnel.

    Automatic authentication: The Rock has the ability to auto-identify all enrolled users, so employees and approved visitors can move freely without needing to carry additional credentials. By moving throughout spaces without any touch-points or friction, the anxiety caused by in-person physical verification is reduced.

    How Organizations Deploy Autonomous Access Control  Security Systems

    Here are a few examples of how The Rock’s autonomous access control system is being used to verify access and improve security systems.

    — Room access

    — Employee and vendor authentication

    — Pharmacy storage access

    — Data center access

    — Access to electronic medical records

    — Safety deposit and bank vault access

    — Student access to residence halls and cafeterias

    — Access to laboratories facilities

    — Securing media center and technology

    — Access to VIP lounge and restricted practice or dressing rooms

    Learn How Autonomous Access Control Can Boost Your Organization’s Security

    To see the Alcatraz Rock in action, schedule an in-person or virtual demo, and we’ll show you how easy it is to deploy and use. In addition, we offer a 45-day free trial of the Rock, so visit our website and express interest by October 31, 2021.

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