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    October 15, 2021

    Proven Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

    Every business wants to prevent security breaches such as tailgating, theft of data and assets, and incorrect identity verification. Alcatraz AI is reimagining how employees and visitors enter secured spaces by using the human face as a unique credential. Facial authentication helps transform access control by leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics to make immediate decisions that can successfully prevent data breaches.

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    How to Prevent Security Breaches

    Alcatraz AI's state-of-the-art product, the Rock, prevents physical security breaches using a strategy that combines facial biometrics with touchless multi-factor authentication, tailgating intelligence, and "at the door" video footage. These features offer security guard staff a unique door-level perspective of every person trying to access an area. 

    Alcatraz AI provides a best-in-class identity authentication technology that adapts to your evolving business needs ensuring an enterprise-grade solution for premier security and safety. Take it for a test drive in your business and see first-hand how the Rock can protect your organization's employees, assets, and facilities.

    Facial Authentication Prevents Data Breaches

    The Rock takes physical security and data security best practices to a new level through facial authentication technology, which incorporates data analytics and artificial intelligence to identify the individual qualities of the human face.

    The Rock is Alcatraz AI's state-of-the-art solution that helps your on-site security staff secure your physical business space. Implementing a robust perimeter security system also protects against overall cyber security threats. In addition, the Rock provides instant knowledge about anyone accessing designated areas on your business' property, including data centers, vaults, laboratories, storerooms, and areas requiring security clearances. Watch our video to learn more.

    Prevent Data Breaches and Security Breaches with Alcatraz AI

    Alcatraz AI prevents security breaches using an easy-to-understand, intuitive interface. As a result, the Rock protects valuable business assets and keeps authorized visitors and employees secure. Here are some of the business sectors that use Alcatraz AI to prevent data breaches.
    How Our Clients Prevent Security Breaches with The Rock

    Data Centers and Technology

    — Employee authentication
    — Room audit, access, and control

    Hospitals and Healthcare

    — Pharmacy, data center, and medical records access
    — Patient authentication

    Banks and Financial Services

    — Access to data centers, safety deposit boxes, and vaults
    — Employee and visitor authentication

    Education: College and K-12

    — Employee and student building access
    — Access to cafeterias, residence halls, and labs

    Entertainment and Sports Complexes

    — Securing practice facilities and media technology
    — Limiting access to data centers, VIP lounge, and talent dressing rooms

    Alcatraz AI: We Know How to Prevent Security Breaches

    We currently work with some of the largest security companies in the world. Our security system, the Rock, is built on proprietary, full-stack software and hardware and quickly integrates with your organization's current security platform. If you believe that the future of secure access control lies in high-quality facial recognition and artificial intelligence, we can help.

    If you're ready to prevent data breaches and physical security breaches, contact us today for a 30-day demo kit.

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