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    November 17, 2021

    How to Combat Tailgating in Data Centers with Alcatraz AI

    Tailgating poses one of the greatest threats to physical security because of the difficulty in identifying it. It’s challenging to separate individuals that have access from those that try to enter alongside an authorized user.

    people in server room

    Security in Multiple Dimensions

    Anti-tailgating devices can’t rely on a two-dimensional picture and tracking to properly defeat the problem. Without depth perception, it becomes easy for individuals to hide behind others and enter restricted areas. To really stop the problem, the system must be able to sense in three dimensions. This not only allows the system to better gauge a tailgater trying to sneak in, but it also bolsters the base security features of the system as well.

    Multiple sensors allow for better data and authentication practices that outclass much of what is available on the current market. With Alcatraz AI, you’re guaranteed three-dimensional tracking and tailgating prevention in your data center.

    Machine Learning & Tracking

    Many tailgaters act in discrete ways that humans wouldn’t be able to pick up on, but they’re still privy to the meticulous observations of machine learning. With autonomous functioning in Alcatraz AI’s anti-tailgating devices, AI can actively keep track of all individuals throughout the building, and pinpoint potential risks through minor details.

    Long-Range Detection

    Anti-tailgating devices from Alcatraz AI utilize a long scanning range and field of view for their security procedures. By doing this, the system can better spot where tailgaters try to sneak in behind an authorized person. Coupled with machine learning from above, our anti-tailgating security devices will be able to accurately pinpoint any instances where someone tries to sneak behind someone else. Tailgaters will need to be much sneakier if they think they can hop behind someone while the Alcatraz Rock is watching them. And you won’t even need specialized guards to accomplish this, either.

    Opened door to server room

    Auto-tagging & Alerts

    An anti-tailgating device may not be able to physically stop someone on its own, but our systems are advanced enough to relay information where it needs to go. Thanks to the facial authentication and machine learning process of the Rock, it can tag and identify the specific individual that attempts to sneak in. From there, it can instantly alert the local admin of the problem so it can be dealt with by actual humans. An important thing to remember on how to stop tailgating is to work together with our technology for the best results.

    Multiple Locks

    A tailgater may be able to sneak in through an anti-tailgating device with only a single lock, but how about multiple locks? Anti-tailgating security devices at Alcatraz AI allow for multi-factor authentication that lets you pair facial authentication with a third-party badge reader, ID scanner, and many other solutions for maximum security. With these extra checks in place, it becomes that much harder for someone to slip through the cracks.

    The best part is, the autonomous functioning of Alcatraz AI’s systems allows for a streamlined approach that combines all factors with no hassle to the users. Your data center will get increased protection without having to slow down.

    Data center interior

    Simple Implementation

    Alcatraz AI’s anti-tailgating devices are easy to implement and use. Once we’ve installed the system, it basically runs itself. Then, using advanced technologies like three-dimensional scanning and long-range detection, it can easily pinpoint any potential threats and forward them straight to admin for humans to resolve. Ultimately, the best thing you can do to stop tailgating is to trust the technology and cooperate with it for the best results. For more information on what Alcatraz AI can do for data centers, explore the rest of the site. Get top-tier security with help from Alcatraz AI.

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