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    May 25, 2022

    How Telecommunications Security Is Changing in 2022

    The field of telecommunications is currently under pressure to enhance staff safety and protect its data and electrical systems against external threats. Maintaining streamlined compliance and physical security in real-time while minimizing operational costs is more crucial than ever. Leveraging biometrics and AI is a necessary modern-day solution for telephone, satellite, cable, and internet service companies to ensure dependable deliverance of everyday utilities to the public. 

    Here's how Alcatraz Rock's telecommunications security solution can provide AI-driven access control in 2022.

    Telecommunications Security 

    Access control is critical for telecommunication infrastructure to protect sites, networks, and operators. Companies should strongly consider customer privacy and data security capabilities when selecting a telecommunications security access control solution. Sadly, COVID-19 dealt a major blow to the industry in 2022, and that disruption continues to stretch the industry’s operational capabilities, making security efforts that much more challenging. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that people are more conscious than ever about how service providers are securing their information. 

    In light of the above, biometrics is gaining increased attention in the telecommunications industry. Biometrics involves using people’s physical features, like their faces, to identify them. With a biometrics-based telecommunications security system, you can authenticate people who attempt to enter your facility, therefore ensuring that no unauthorized individuals are granted access to highly restricted areas, assets, and data.

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    Overcome Security Vulnerabilities with a Leading Access Control

    A highly rated access control telecommunications security system is essential for any telecommunications infrastructure to safeguard its operators, networks, and sites. For instance, Alcatraz AI offers a facial ID verification solution known as the Rock. This authentication technology is designed to ensure that only the right parties access your secure areas.

    The Rock stands out in that it offers both multi-factor authentication and tailgating detection to deliver grade-A security in your organization’s restricted areas. Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection by making it even harder for bad actors to gain access to your telecommunications rooms. In addition, with tailgating detection, you’ll receive alerts that will help you to more easily determine if an unauthorized person is trying to “piggyback” on an authorized person to gain entry to your building. The Rock offers a long scanning range and a large field of view to detect tailgating.

    Thanks to these features, you can enjoy superior security without having to hire an extensive staff of guards to constantly check if people do not belong at your telecommunications facility. Likewise, you don’t need to invest in complex hardware to prevent or identify tailgating. This ultimately translates to decreased security costs for your organization in the long run.

    Use Cases - Telecommunications Security 

    Your telecommunications security system can come in handy for multiple parts of your facility. These include not only your telecommunications room also known as MDF, IDF, or BDFs (Main, Intermediate, or Building Distribution Facilities) but also your equipment room and even your electrical room. This type of system can furthermore control access to your facility’s network distribution rooms and even your telecommunications remote closets. 

    Likewise, use facial authentication to keep unauthorized individuals out of your data center. If you don’t have this extra security layer here, your invaluable data—one of your most important business assets—could easily be stolen. You can additionally use your physical security system to control the general access to any telecommunications building that is not open to the public, making sure that only employees are allowed inside.

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    Telecommunications Security and COVID-19

    One of the biggest challenges with telecommunications security systems in general during COVID-19 is that many individuals are wearing masks to protect their health, but this is inadvertently hiding their faces as well. Fortunately, the Rock from Alcatraz AI solves this problem by allowing a telecommunications security operator to use its mask detection feature if your organization has a mask policy in place. This enables identification of personnel, while restricting access unless masks are present. This way your staff can remain in compliance, and you can still make sure that your facility is protected against breaches.

    Alcatraz AI’s Rock solution addresses yet another area of concern during COVID: touch surfaces that potentially spread germs. This facial authentication technology offers no-touch access control to organizations. As a result, the solution makes it easy for any telecommunications access control environment to reduce touchpoints, preventing germ spread while boosting physical security.

    Frictionless Experience

    An authentication solution like the Alcatraz AI Rock is extremely convenient in that it reduces friction when accessing a secured space. In other words, no keys or key cards are necessary. Instead, people are authenticated passively as they pass through spaces. Single-factor authentication makes entry to a space fast and seamless.

    Boost Your Security in the Telecommunications Field with the Help of Alcatraz AI

    At Alcatraz AI, we take pride in offering the Rock—our authorized entry compliance (via tailgating detection) and identity compliance (via facial authentication) platform—to customers in multiple industries. 

    Designed in the United States, the Alcatraz AI solution is a holistic identity verification solution that drives decision-making via AI in real-time. 

    Give our facial authentication a try at your organization in 2022 by booking a demo today.

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