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    July 9, 2021

    Create a Frictionless Environment in the Workplace with Alcatraz AI

    We live in a world that, thanks to technology, is gradually becoming more streamlined, especially in the workplace. Technology allows for system optimizations that reduce friction and boost productivity. But this isn’t always easy. As helpful as technology is, it’s also often cumbersome and relies on user expertise, particularly when it comes to security systems. We want to change that. Alcatraz AI’s facial authentication solution combines advanced AI and 3D sensing technologies with ease of use, ridding security teams of the learning curve technology tends to cause. Step into the future of security, where you can have frictionless access in spaces, thanks to the Rock.

    The Hassles of Security

    Keeping the workplace secure has come a long way since the days of steel-plated vaults and hired surveillance officers, but it still often comes with a cost of reduced productivity. The officers and vaults, while crucial to securing the workplace, meant an extra hurdle for employees to jump through. And those hurdles haven’t gone away in modern times, they’ve just changed. Having to enter a pin code, touch your thumb to an erratic fingerprint reader, or wade through multiple different interfaces lose an equal amount of time as in the past, even though they present themselves as more efficient solutions. That’s why our facial authentication solution aims to change inefficiencies of the past and account for modern challenges.

    Bank Vault

    Changing the Game

    Alcatraz AI has a clear goal: enhance physical security while providing a frictionless experience. On top of that, we want our system to be versatile, capable of working anywhere from data centers and financial institutions to stadiums and arenas. So, how do you accomplish that while accounting for the common issues of security? The answer is in artificial intelligence! With artificial intelligence, our system, the Rock, knows how to work itself, so there isn’t as much of a hassle to operate. Plus, the Rock has multiple sensors that can rapidly and accurately assess users, without creating holdups.

    Effortless Deployment 

    Using the multiple security systems isn’t the only snag, however. You also have to consider that facial authentication can be incredibly complicated to set up in the first place. How do I properly connect the system to my network? Will it cooperate with the other systems I already have in place? These are questions you won’t have to ask with the Rock because it’s designed to easily deploy into any space with ease. The Rock is attachable to any surface and uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) for simple cable management. And, it works with any existing badge reader or access control in place, so it’ll fit into things right out of the gate. Setup is effortless with the Rock.

    Face authentication technology

    Protect the Office Seamlessly

    It turns out facial authentication doesn’t have to be as complicated as it looks. It does away with inefficiencies of the past, multiple security technologies, accounts for modern challenges, and functions with existing technical systems. In the end, you’ve got a workplace that’s secure and safe. Schedule a demo and learn how AI powered access control can make your building secure.

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