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    January 24, 2023

    All Access with Danielle Ebner & Alcatraz AI


    All Access interview with Danielle Ebner from Smarter Security

    Innovations in the access control industry are emerging quickly and trends are constantly evolving. Danielle Ebner has been working at the forefront of these changes for decades as a sales leader, an integrator, and as a 2022 SIA Women in Security Forum Power 100 Honoree.

    Currently, Ebner is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Smarter Security, which provides premium and innovative entrance control security solutions to help organizations protect their people and assets in a world of ever-present threats. We recently spoke with Ebner about the evolution of access control technology, physical security threats to organizations, and the importance of frictionless access.

    With over 20 years of experience in the security industry, how have you seen access control technology, including biometrics, evolve to meet customer needs?  

    When I was an integrator, I sold biometrics to a large media company in NYC. It was fingerprint readers connected to a basic access control system. Enrollment had to be done at the enrollment reader in the security office. With hundreds of employees, it was time-consuming and the physical touch of the reader was dirty and caused service issues. The auto-enrollment opt-in on the Rock from Alcatraz AI is a complete game changer. The tedious enrollment of each employee is completely taken out of the equation, saving time and labor. This becomes especially important in NYC on a rainy day when people are carrying around a lot of items like umbrellas, coffee, their phone, and maybe a bag. Having the ability to open a door or your turnstile with just your face is a necessity. 

    In addition to cyber attacks, physical security threats pose a large risk to organizations.  In what ways have you seen technology work to solve this problem? 

    Biometrics make spaces significantly safer. You no longer have to worry about people sharing cards or finding a dropped card. In the turnstile market, we have added things like ballistic glass, locking brakes, or integrations with weapons detection devices. Walking into a lobby with Smarter Security’s intelligent Fastlane turnstiles and Alcatraz biometrics is definitely a deterrent to bad actors. 

    Many companies are enforcing large-scale return to work policies while still trying to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.  Why is frictionless or touchless access control so important in 2023 and beyond?  

    Utilizing Alcatraz authentication with turnstiles from Smarter Security and elevator destination dispatch allows employees to securely enter a building and take the elevator to their floor without a single physical touch. Processing people quickly and efficiently keeps people from waiting in long lines entering and leaving.

    What makes the Alcatraz AI Rock and Smarter Security’s Fastlane turnstiles successful in the market? 

    Our speed, accuracy, and reliability! Fastlane turnstiles process 60 people per minute and use a neural network to process people in real-time. Unlike our competitors, we can actually sense what is in the lane. Alcatraz can keep up with the throughput and get people in quickly and efficiently.  

    Do you have any advice for females looking to enter into the security industry? 

    Do it! I started as an integrator in 2002. I found amazing mentors and friends along the way that guided my career. Join your local ASIS chapter and see if they have a Women in Security group - if not, help start one. Attend SIA Women in Security Forums. You belong, and your insight is wanted and needed. This industry has changed so much in 20 years; help be the change we will see in the next vicennial. 

    What's your favorite feature about the Alcatraz AI Rock? 

    It’s flexible. The Rock does not require you to rip-and-replace and can be bolted on to existing infrastructure.  It works with any access control system so it doesn’t require integration. All the demos I have seen were up and running in less than an hour. The edge computing and powerful technology inside the Rock allows for people of varying heights to be authenticated in a variety of lighting conditions.

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