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    May 22, 2023

    Alcatraz AI to Feature Autonomous Access Control at Datacenter Forum Helsinki

    CUPERTINO, Calif. — May 23, 2023 — Alcatraz AI, a global leader in autonomous access control solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the Datacenter Forum Helsinki on June 1, 2023. This event brings together over 400 professionals from the data center industry and provides an ideal venue for Alcatraz AI to showcase its innovative biometric access control solution for data center physical security.

    As the demand for data centers continues to grow in the Nordics, particularly in Finland, the need for robust physical security measures has become paramount. Alcatraz AI recognizes the importance of protecting sensitive information and critical systems, especially in an environment where renewable energy sources, resilient infrastructure, and compliance requirements are of utmost significance.

    "We are thrilled to participate in the Datacenter Forum Helsinki and demonstrate our advanced solution for data center physical security," said Bodil Nilsen, Director of the Nordics for Alcatraz AI. "Our facial biometric access control technology offers unparalleled accuracy, security, and convenience, ensuring data centers can protect their critical assets while delivering a frictionless user experience.

    Alcatraz AI offers a cutting-edge solution that enables organizations to establish a zero-trust environment that is flexible and scalable. The company's facial biometric access control seamlessly deploys with existing access control systems, providing multi-factor authentication at the same speed and more securely as single-factor solutions.

    The utilization of facial biometrics technology in data centers offers accurate identification, enhanced security, and safety. Unlike proximity cards, a person's face cannot be shared or lost, providing an extra layer of protection. By adopting Alcatraz AI's facial authentication solution, data centers can eliminate plastic proximity cards, reducing environmental impact and ensuring a durable security solution. With simplified enrollment, privacy compliance, and detection of tailgating incidents, Alcatraz AI safeguards critical assets and sensitive information within data centers.

    Alcatraz AI's all-in-one biometric device, the Rock revolutionizes physical security in data centers. Key features include:

    • More secure single-factor and multi-factor authentication at the speed of a single-factor, offering increased security and efficiency without adding friction for end users.
    • Real-time detection and alerting of tailgating incidents, and coupled with eye-level video enables rapid and accurate identification of unauthorized individuals.
    • Native implementation with existing systems, allowing for easy deployment on any access control and video management system without the need for infrastructure replacement.
    • Privacy Consent Management, providing individuals with an opt-in policy that promotes transparency regarding the use of their facial biometric data, and empowering employees to protect their privacy by deciding whether to use their face as their credential.

    Nilsen will participate in the live session “Navigating the Top CIO & CTO Challenges in Today's Volatile Landscape” from 9:30 - 10:30 am in Hall 1. The show will discuss security and how to safeguard critical data while complying with ongoing cyber and physical security assessments. Attendees can visit Alcatraz AI's booth to experience the future of data center physical security firsthand, and book a meeting here.

    About Alcatraz AI
    Founded in 2016, Alcatraz AI is the most secure, effective, comprehensive access control biometric solution on the market. With its patented technology, Alcatraz AI’s facial authentication technology and intelligent tailgating detection work natively with existing access control systems to transform physical security. With a vision of simplicity and security, Alcatraz AI protects more than one million employees at Fortune 500 companies, including their assets and secure facilities.

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