Computer Vision/Machine Learning Engineer
Sofia, Bulgaria
About us

We're an award-winning, Series A startup, backed by Silicon Valley VCs, as well as some of the largest security companies in the world. We are disrupting the twenty-one billion dollar access control industry through facial recognition and artificial intelligence. Our product is a frictionless and secure physical access control platform built with our proprietary full-stack software and hardware that integrates into the existing security infrastructure in corporations. Enterprises choose us to modernize their infrastructure and deliver a touchless and secure solution for their employees.

Job Description

We are looking for a software engineer with a computer vision/deep learning background. The ideal candidate would be self-motivated, needing little to no supervision, and thriving working on hard, loosely defined problems. Main responsibilities include the development and integration of computer vision algorithms and deep learning models on our edge device. We expect that the candidate will be able to do the integration by themselves into our C++ codebase. Since we're working in a compute and power constrained environment, all of our algorithms must be optimized to achieve high accuracy during real-time execution on limited resources. We develop our ML models in Python (with TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.), but they need to be designed in such a fashion as to allow conversion for platform-specific inference libraries and good performance on the platform-specific accelerators. Additional responsibilities might include tasks related to classical computer vision, e.g. processing of frames, camera calibration, distortion correction, etc.

  • Messaging services between backend and Edge devices to exchange data
  • Admin portal for customers to monitor Edge activities and receive alerts
  • Data platform that analyses key metrics and provides easy data access for stakeholders
  • Integrations with access control systems
  • Bachelor or above in a STEM field (or equivalent work experience)
  • 3+ years professional experience in C++
  • Knowledge in Python (professional experience is highly desirable)
  • Experience in classical and/or deep learning based computer vision (professional experience is highly desirable)
  • Proven familiarity with deep learning frameworks (ideally though professional experience, but quality personal projects or certificates are also welcomed)
  • English proficiency
Highly desirable
  • Experience with OpenCV
  • Experience in a UNIX-like environment
  • DL models optimization
  • Experience with inference libraries, especially TensorRT
What you'll get from us
  • An engineering culture that gives you space to work with autonomy and write excellent code
  • A remarkably talented and supportive team of peers to help you grow as an engineer
  • An office designed to allow you to create your best work
Benefits & Perks
  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Flexible hours
  • Unlimited paid vacation
  • Fully-stocked kitchen
  • Team offsites
  • Premium medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Site bonus that provides reimbursement on recurring expenses
  • Co-financed Multisport card

Please send your resume to